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Future: 2009 - Pre-Production "Stargate Extinction"

Season 5 of Stargate Atlantis premieres on the Sci-Fi Channel - Friday July 11, 2008 10pm EST/9pm CST

SCI FI Channel confirmed that it will... pick up its spinoff series Stargate Atlantis for a fourth year -

Season 3 of Stargate Atlantis premieres on the Sci-Fi Channel - Friday July 14, 2006

Waterkeeper Alliance's recent auction of lunch with the stars of Stargate raised $50,000 U.S. -
...Joe Flanigan's lunch on the set went for $10,000

Win a Lunch on the Set of Stargate Atlantis with Joe Flanigan - Charity
Win a Unique Lunch on the Set of Stargate Atlantis with Lead Actor Joe Flanigan and a Cast Signed...

Joe Flanigan on stage in Vancouver -
Joe Flanigan , Stargate Atlantis 's John Sheppard, took to the stage at Creation's Vancouver Stargate convention...

Vancouver Con Starts 2006 Stargate Convention Tour
The convention scheduled for March 24-26, 2006 will feature guests Joe Flanigan, Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping, Beau Bridges, Gary Jones, Cliff Simon, JR Bourne...

Joe Flanigan at Starfest – Starfest 2006
Mr. Flanigan has spent some time here in Colorado . Before he was Star gating around the universe…

Browder and Flanigan fly with Thunderbirds - USA
Stargate leading men Ben Browder ("Cameron Mitchell") and Joe Flanigan ("John Sheppard") recently had the opportunity to fly for real with the Thunderbirds ...

iFMagazine - USA
Series star Joe Flanigan , took time out from his rest and relaxation during his hiatus to chat with iF MAGAZINE about his being cast in the series, his acting ... Film/TV - Joe Flanigan Interview
The man in charge of this new crack team of explorers, Joe Flanigan , ...
JOE FLANIGAN : Yes, when I have the time, but it's a little wet to skateboard. ...

Official Magazine yearbook on news stands - USA
... Equally represented is the cast from Stargate Atlantis as well! Joe Flanigan ("John Sheppard") reports on his hectic year. Mitch ...

Joe Flanigan


Joe Flanigan, actor - screen writer - family man, born January 5, 1967 in Los Angeles, California, lived on a small ranch near Reno, Nevada, before attending the Ojai Valley (boarding) School in California and the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Today he makes his home in Los Angeles with his wife, actor and painter, Katherine Kousi, and their three sons Aidan, Truman, and Fergus. Away from the set, Joe enjoys skiing, rock climbing, surfing, tennis, mountain biking, horseback riding, and motorcycles.


Career Highlights

Joe Flanigan began his acting experience while attending the Ojai Valley School, where he  played “Stanley Kowalski” in a theatrical production of Tennessee Williams' play “A Streetcar Named Desire.” Then at the University of Colorado, where he received a degree in History, he again appeared on stage in the title role of “Coriolanus.”

While, for a time, Joe departed from acting for other pursuits, including editorial work for Interview and Town & Country magazines, he returned to the stage when studying at New York's Neighborhood Playhouse, where he played  “Eddie” in “Rabbit Trap.”

Los Angeles was his next destination, where he landed a regular role as college student Brian Cordovas in the acclaimed NBC dramatic series "Sisters" and leading roles in other made-for-TV productions including the NBC miniseries “Danielle Steele's Family Album,” and the CBS movie of the week, “Deadline for Murder: From the files of Edna Buchanan.”

He soon became a favorite for recurring and guest-starring roles on popular sit-coms and dramas portraying a wide range of characters on shows such as “Profiler,” “ER,” “Cupid,” “Dawson's Creek,” “Providence,” “Judging Amy,” “Tru Calling,” and “C.S.I. Miami.” 

Always versatile, in 2002, Joe once again proved his talent for subtle theatrics as the eccentric “Julian Lodge,” the ever “bow-tied” senior law clerk, on the Belisarius production of the CBS series, “First Monday.”

Not limited to television, Joe Flanigan's credits also include the sobering film about date-rape, “A Reason to Believe,” the 1999 film “The Other Sister” - a delightful comedy-drama by Garry Marshall - and his starring role in the critically-acclaimed independent hit of 2001, "Farewell to Harry."

From 2004 through 2009 Joe starred as Lt. Colonel John Sheppard in the 99 episodes of the SyFy (formerly "SciFi") Channel hit television series "Stargate Atlantis."

Among Joe's upcoming projects will be a post-Atlantis film "Stargate Extinction."


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